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Contact information

C-17, Phase 6,
Adityapur Industrial Area,
P.O. Gamariya,
Jamshedpur - 832 108,

Phone - +91-92346 21160
Telex - +91-657-2304688
Mobile - +91-99553 94798

autofibrecraft [at]


Machinery and Plant:

We have state of the art machinery and plant for production of various FRP Composites like RTM Machines, Hydraulic Press, etc. We even have rotomolding machine for making Rotomolded Products.

We are having Platic Welding Equipments like Hot Air Welding Machine and Plastic Extruder Welding Machine of world reputed brand.

For Nano particle manufacturing, we have completely different plant setup.

Testing and Quality Control Equipment:

We have a well equipped in house lab for testing for incoming raw materials and outgoing products. Where it is not possible to test any material in-house, we send the material to NABL accredited lab (third party) for testing.

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